Rock n Roll Breakfast

(Latest Album by Nige Bray) Price: €5

1. RnR breakfast
2. Evelyns paradise
3. Long walk on a bar stool
4. Steamtrain

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About Nige

Nige Bray

From the dark streets of Manchester to the tranquility of the New Forest, the rooftops of Harlem to the underground clubs of Hamburg, Nige’s journey through life is reflected in his songwriting. With a rare display of raw energy and passion, Nige draws the audience into his world where they are confronted by honesty, wit, and even occasional anger. A great singer songwriter in the best rock tradition, Nige can be found trading his wares across Europe, through England, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, USA and Luxemburg.

Please browse through his website and perchase some of the greatest songs from the road. You won’t be disappointed

The Bitch Song – Update

(Recorded in Hamburg) Price: Free The Bitch Song Update

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The Bitch Song EP

(Recorded in Brussels) Price: €6

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Rock Soup

(A collaberation) Price: €12

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Nige and the Resident Aliens

(Live in Hamburg) Price: €12

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The Dutch Connection

(Live in Holland) Price: €12

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Judas on the Road

(acoustic) Price: €12

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Throwing Stones at the Puppets

(A Great Album) Price: €12

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Nige Bray and the Money Makers 10 years after

(Live in England) Price: €12

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